My Daily Protest: A Reflection on Rest and Resistance

Rest is important.

All great things are created with a rhythm of work and rest. Sometimes rest can be our protest in a world that idolizes productivity and gain. If I am going to live long enough to experience and do great things for God, I have to take care of my self (purposely spaced).

“I’ve decided that my daily protest is to live this life slowly.” I tweeted that a few weeks ago. Since then, I have been in the process of discovering that rest is important. Of course, as a musician, I understand this first through music. I sometimes have a hard time with really upbeat and fast worship songs. (In my worship sets I lean more towards loud and intense than cheerful and fast.) I find that I enjoy songs that allow for reflection, songs that have pauses. Pausing creates awareness, which is something I deeply believe art makes space for us to do.

Lately, life has shown very little respect for pausing, space and rest. In fact, most of that is my fault. I have had a lot of conversation, very little time and not enough breaks. I’ve allowed myself to be ineffective at both work and rest.

When I am working, I am sluggishly moving along, trying to get things done. I let my thoughts wander as I think about how great a nap would feel in those moments. When I am supposed to be at rest, my mind is racing, trying to figure out what’s the next thing I have to get done. It seems life has gotten out of hand and a little messy, and like a music piece, I am realizing that I need to get my rests in order.

Rests allow you to catch a breath. If you don’t know where the rests are in a song, you won’t know when to breath and you could run out of breath in the middle of a phrase.

Get your rests in order.

Photo: ERIC NOPANEN, Unsplash

Photo: ERIC NOPANEN, Unsplash

I’ve never had much of a Sabbath ritual.

Especially since the weekend is often the only time I can do my homework. But I think it’s time to rediscover this particular form of cultural subversion.

I think it’s time to make space for God to remind me of what He’s done, who He is so I can stop being so anxious.

I think it’s time to radicalize my way of thinking about participating in God’s Kingdom as a matter of how much I can get done in a week. It will be a great test of my patience and trust (in myself, God and others) to step back and to say no sometimes.

Even in this post, there’s a great desire for me to unveil a plethora notes from the retreat I went to this weekend. I desire to invite you into the process I went through, just learning not to freak out the first day, I want to tell you about "the migraine", the endless stream of thoughts I journaled and the face to face times I’ve had with amazing people that helped me enjoy life a little more.

But that would be counter-intuitive, now wouldn’t it? There’s a part of me that wants you to read more and it’s wrestling with the part of me that wants you to close your eyes after this for a minute and just breathe.

Guess which side has won?

Join my protest and live this life a little more slowly:

Get your rests in order.

Originally published on on April 2, 2017.

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