I Am Not Good Enough, I Am Not Pretty Enough, I Am Not Smart Enough—And Other Lies Impostor Syndrome Told Me


What is the lie—or lies— that your impostor syndrome tells you? 

The lie that my impostor syndrome told me is that

I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough,

I’m not smart enough,

my body shape is weird no one will ever look at me,

I’m worthless,

I’m a terrible friend,

I’m a terrible family member... the list can go on...

But my God says otherwise. My God told me to speak the exact opposite and cancel the lies of the impostor.

Introduce yourself: Who are you?


Face your reflection: Is there a disconnect between your inner self and your outer self? 

There use to be.

What do you do to remind yourself that you are enough? 

Read the word, pray, journal, affirmations, speak life


Scenario: You walk into a room of your "peers"—describe who they are....do these people encourage you, intimidate you or both?

Both. But I’m currently stripping away those who don’t encourage or uplift me in any way.

Who is in your "hall of fame"? (Could be anyone!) How does this person(s) influence how you view yourself and your potential? 

Esther, my mentor. She is what I call a TRUE woman of God. The way she handles life, is so inspirational.

How would you encourage someone who is afraid of their potential? 

Tell them that they were created to win. God does not birth failures. They have potential but they won’t reach it until they try. They won’t reach their potential until they believe that they are capable. They won’t reach it until they believe that the God they serve is able.

If you haven't already, explain the work you do and why.

Rehab Technician. I work in a physical therapy clinic simply because I want to be a physical therapist. I’m not a therapist yet, but I have the potential to be one, so that’s why I put myself as a rehab tech because every time I go to work, I see my potential.

 Hello, Rose here!

.Thank you for sticking through to DAY SIX of this challenge! There’s only one story in my queue, so I need more stories! You’re probably thinking “wow, I don’t know what to say.” Or you’re comparing what others have written and thinking “my story is not as powerful” or “my story is not as [fill in the blank].”

You know who’s talking? Your impostor.

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