"Just End Your Life, No One Will Care."—And Other Lies Impostor Syndrome Told Me


What is the lie—or lies— that your impostor syndrome tells you? 

Since your mother didn’t want you no one else will.

Your not worth of love or happiness.

God does not see or hear you sis.

You’re not creative enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re nothing.

Just end your life no one will care.

Introduce yourself: Who are you? 

I’m a girl born into an immigrant family and came to the US at the age of 9. At the age of 14 I found out the woman who was raising me all of my life was not my birth mother! Because of this self doubt, feeling like I’m not worthy enough, negative thoughts have plagued who I really am!

Share the journey: How did you get here? 


Getting to where I am at now in my life has not been easy. It has been a roller coaster ride and sometimes still is. I have spent countless hours listening to and speaking words of affirmations to myself. Meditation has played a big part on my positive outlook on life and who I am. Also creating my first T-shirt design has made me realize the amount of potential I have. That I can truly do anything!

Face your reflection: Is there a disconnect between your inner self and your outer self? 

Sometimes there is a disconnect my inner self (spirit) know she is great, is a loving person whose ready to help others. Who has black girl magic! But other times my outer self (flesh) is timid won’t voice her opinion of fear of being laughed at or criticized.

Sometimes I hide my talents just so I don’t have to deal with being at the fore front of things! But every day I’m working to change this mindset. I have something inside me that God wants the world to see. 2018 was my coming out period of who I am. 2019 will be the year people will see what I’m truly capable of!

What do you do to remind yourself that you are enough? 

I try to look into the mirror everyday and speak words of affirmations. I’m retraining my brain to only speak positively about myself and others. It really is one’s perspective on things that dictates who they are. Once you can change that perspective into more positive energy you start changing your reality!

How would you encourage someone who is afraid of their potential? 

Do not sell yourself short! There is really only one you on this planet! And that is your gift, so use it!

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