Following the heartbeat of God…to Ferguson

Photo: CHRISTY ASH, Unsplash

Photo: CHRISTY ASH, Unsplash

Dear Friends and Family,

Since attending Eastern Nazarene College, I’ve been given many unique opportunities. Last year, I was selected with a group of students to go on a travel course to Mozambique in southern Africa. Going there was incredible, and that experience uniquely shaped my understanding of missions and mission. In order to continue the mission (of helping others) the Lord has placed on my life, I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the ENC Fusion trip to Ferguson, Missouri.

As you may know, in recent years Ferguson has been a large part of public conversations about race in America. It has been the launching pad for the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as many other significant events and protests. Our trip seeks to focus on education related to racial reconciliation. In order to achieve this, we will be meeting with policy leaders, organizers, pastors, and other key figures so we can be better informed about what has been going on in Ferguson.

Eastern Nazarene College is a Christian college and it is also one of the most diverse Christian colleges in the nation. Naturally, when it comes to conversations about race and racial discrimination, we interact with various narratives daily. The chaplain of the college, and professor of religion and philosophy, Montague Williams, will be leading this trip along with his wife Jennie. The conversations we start in Ferguson will continue when we return home, to foster Christian growth that encourages reconciliation and justice in the fight for equality.

I have always had a passion for justice for the poor and the oppressed. I believe that our Christian mission is to do as Jesus did in his time by subverting the systems in place that bind the people of God (Luke 4:17–21). I feel no greater joy in serving God than when I am helping others, walking in empathy, and being a peacemaker. My prayer for this year is to follow the heartbeat of God in saying, “Lord, wherever your heart breaks, break mine, too.”

I will go on this trip with a team, but I will also need my team of friends and family to support me. Therefore, I humbly ask if you’d be willing to join me in support of this endeavor. The entire cost of my trip is $1,000. It would be an immense blessing if you could contribute in any way possible to help me raise money for this invaluable experience. If you choose to support me, you can mail a check with your donation to:

Rose Percy

23 East Elm Avenue

Quincy, MA 02170

The check can be made payable to “Eastern Nazarene College”, all you need to do is in the “notes” section of the check to put “FUSION: Rose Percy”. Checks made out to ENC will be tax deductible. My deadline for full payment is March 3 and our journey begins on March 4.

You can also donate through my YouCaring account with is easily accessible on your smartphone or computer:

I’d also love, with your donation, a short note or letter as to what you hope I gain out of this time in Missouri and how you would hope the Holy Spirit works amongst us in our time there. When I return, I plan to have face to face conversations with my supporters to discuss my experience in Ferguson. If you can’t support me in a monetary form, I only ask you support me and my teammates with prayer for safe travels, fruitful conversations, and guidance.

Thank you in advance for joining this journey through your support and generosity!

Rose Percy

Originally published at on February 18, 2017.

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